Seed library

Discover Food From Home's Seed Library! Join the local community gardeners and access our extensive seed bank. Swap and share seeds to support sustainable gardening. All seeds are non-GM. Visit us today!

Welcome to Food From Home’s Seed Library Project! Our garden proudly houses a diverse collection of seeds, ensuring a sustainable future for local community gardeners. Join us to swap and discover the seeds you need, while fostering a spirit of sharing by leaving behind the ones you don’t require. Rest assured, our library exclusively offers non-GM seeds, promoting the preservation of natural biodiversity. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our seed library is a valuable resource for cultivating your own thriving green oasis. Be a part of this eco-friendly movement and unleash your gardening potential today!

You are required to complete an enrolment form and pay in full to secure your place, unless otherwise stated. See enrolment information for more details. 

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