Gardening in Endeavour Hills

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and discover the joy of gardening with our range of classes and activities at the Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre. Join our gardening group and connect with fellow enthusiasts as you learn and share gardening tips, tricks, and knowledge. Explore the Endeavour Hills Community Garden, a serene oasis where you can get hands-on experience and cultivate your green thumb. Our gardening workshops provide valuable insights and practical skills to help you create and maintain your own thriving garden. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned gardener, our classes and activities are designed to inspire and empower you in your gardening journey.

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Learn about the Fascinating World of Carnivorous Plants 

Discover Australia's unique carnivorous plants at our workshop. Uncover their survival tactics and learn how to grow them at home. Join us for an enriching carnivorous plants workshop.

Autumn Gardening

Prepare and plant Autumn vegetables with expert tips at our gardening workshop. Boost your harvest and set the stage for a bountiful season. Don't miss out!

Seed library

Discover Food From Home's Seed Library! Join the local community gardeners and access our extensive seed bank. Swap and share seeds to support sustainable gardening. All seeds are non-GM. Visit us today!

Garden group

Join our gardening group for a rewarding morning of gardening, idea sharing, and harvesting. Rain or shine, we can gather in our portable room for a cup of tea and enriching discussions.

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