Computers and Technology in Endeavour Hills

Step into the digital age and gain confidence in the world of computers and technology through our enriching classes at the Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre. Our diverse range of computer classes caters to beginners and advanced users alike, offering comprehensive instruction on various topics such as software usage, computer maintenance, and internet safety. From basic computer skills to more advanced use, our classes are designed to empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, our photography group provides a platform for photography enthusiasts to connect, learn, and showcase their talent. Join our vibrant community and unlock the endless possibilities of computers and technology with our exciting classes and photography group.

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Online Banking and Digital Transactions Info Session

Join Connected Libraries and Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre to learn about online banking and digital transactions. Engage in safe simulated activities to explore concepts without sharing personal information.

Photography for Beginners

Join our beginners photography class and get to know your camera like a pro! Learn how to navigate the functions, controls and shoot in different modes. Bring your camera and manual!

Internet Computer Club

Join our computer club to socialise while exploring new computer programs and expanding your knowledge! Perfect for those with basic computer skills, come meet like-minded individuals and discover exciting new features and functions.

Photography Interest Group

Join our photography group led by Henk to improve your photo-taking skills and explore different techniques. Get constructive feedback and learn about camera settings in tailored sessions.

Computers–Intermediate Level

Enhance your computer skills in our intermediate computer class. Learn about software, improve browsing efficiency, and gain practical insights for becoming a more proficient computer user. Join us now!