Meeting room hire in Endeavour Hills

Looking for the perfect meeting room hire in Endeavour Hills for your next event? Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre offers top-notch room hire in Endeavour Hills, featuring our versatile and well-equipped meeting room.

Ideal for various types of events, including business meetings, classes, and networking sessions, our meeting room is the solution you’ve been searching for. With a seating capacity of 10-15 people, it provides the perfect setting for smaller gatherings, ensuring a more intimate and productive atmosphere.

When it comes to facilities, we have you covered. Our meeting room is equipped with a whiteboard, making it easy to share and visualise concepts and ideas. Additionally, we provide wall urns and a sink for added convenience. We understand the importance of providing everything you need to facilitate a successful event.

Whether you need a quiet and distraction-free environment for focused discussions or a cozy space for meaningful interactions, our versatile meeting room caters to all your needs.

At Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre, our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond providing an excellent venue. Our friendly and dedicated staff are always available to assist you, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

When it comes to room hire in Endeavour Hills, look no further than Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre. Our meeting room offers the ideal space for your next event, with its versatile layout and top-notch amenities. Contact us today to learn more about our meeting room hire services and let us help you create a memorable event.

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Capacity: Seats 10-15 people
Availability: Weekdays
Hire fee: Contact us


Exterior of Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre above Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre
Light-filled meeting room inside Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre equipped with tables and chairs
Meeting room configured with tables and chairs facing each other