Photography interest group

Join our photography group led by Henk to improve your photo-taking skills and explore different techniques. Get constructive feedback and learn about camera settings in tailored sessions.

Discover your love for photography and join our vibrant photography group! Led by Henk, our group is dedicated to bringing together individuals who share a passion for the art of photography. Through interactive sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various techniques. You’ll improve your photo-taking skills, and gain valuable insights on camera settings and different aspects of photography. We foster a supportive environment where you can offer constructive feedback and learn from fellow photographers. Our sessions are carefully tailored to the interests of the group and designed to accommodate the operations of your specific camera specifications. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to enhance your photography skills and connect with like-minded individuals.

– 12:00pm 
12 March 2024 
– 26 March 2024 
(3 weeks) 
$3 per session 

You are required to complete an enrolment form and pay in full to secure your place, unless otherwise stated. See enrolment information for more details. 

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