Autumn Gardening

Prepare and plant Autumn vegetables with expert tips at our gardening workshop. Boost your harvest and set the stage for a bountiful season. Don't miss out!

Get ready for Autumn with our gardening workshop, featuring essential tips to prepare your garden for the upcoming season. Learn how to condition your soil, ready your garden beds, and successfully plant Autumn and Winter vegetables. Uncover the secrets to maximising your vegetable harvest with expert advice and practical tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this workshop will equip you with the Autumn gardening tips and knowledge needed to cultivate a thriving garden during the cooler months. Join us in embracing the beauty of Autumn gardening and set the stage for a bountiful harvest. Prepare, plant, and prosper in the Autumn season.

– 11:00am 
17 May 2024 

You are required to complete an enrolment form and pay in full to secure your place, unless otherwise stated. See enrolment information for more details. 

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