Cooking demonstration–ANZAC biscuits

Discover the art of making iconic ANZAC biscuits at our free cooking demonstration. Learn the history and techniques behind these delicious treats, blending tradition with mouthwatering flavours.

Join us for a delightful and educational cooking class where you’ll learn the art of making ANZAC biscuits, those iconic treats that hold a special place in history. Our experienced tutor will guide you through the process, revealing the secret techniques and ingredients that make these biscuits so delicious and meaningful. Get ready to blend history with the delectable flavours of this traditional Australian treat. This free cooking demonstration is not only an opportunity to enhance your culinary skills, but also a chance to connect with the heritage and stories behind ANZAC biscuits. Don’t miss out on this engaging and tasty cooking class. Phone 9700 3789 to let us know you’re coming.

– 11:30 
26 March 2024 

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